Prevention and thoughtful maintenance saves precious time and money and adds to your quality of life for you and those you care for. This is acknowledged when managing equipment and vehicles but is often ignored when it comes to highly important life issues such as health, spirituality, and risk management.

Designed for Business Executives and their loved ones. There will be no cost for this and for a personal facilitation please call: 231-578-0998 for an appointment. (Allow 20 minutes for a check up facilitation call).

  • Physical examination including: Diagnostic examination of heart disease, cancer and other life threatening issues such as detailed blood work, PSA, colonoscopy body weight control, physical endurance: run 5 miles in less than an hour (adjust for age)
  • ┬áComplete a current will including a patient advocate designation, durable power of attorney effective when disabled, living trust and estate plan as needed. Discuss these issues with your family and let your wishes be clearly understood.
  • Provision for accident and disability insurance.
  • Provision for saving and retirement.
  • Financial objectives. Use the power of time and start early.
  • What you and your spouse would enjoy in retirement.
  • What you wish to contribute to others- – – your legacy.
  • Health issues for energy and happiness.
  • Review health, home, auto, and life insurance- for proper coverage, and pricing.
  • Spiritual check-up: Are you at peace with your maker? How is your benevolence? Are you living a life of joy and fulfillment or unhappiness and regrets?
  • Mental development, growth and challenge. What are you doing for yourself?
  • What other areas of your life need to be examined and rethought?
  • Review this list with those you love.