I would wholeheartedly recommend Carl to anyone wanting to sharpen their thought processes and organizational skills.  From a personal development standpoint, Carl can guide the individual through self-examination and prioritization, and help the individual develop both mental and physical disciplines designed to sharpen focus and maintain energy.  From a technical standpoint, Carl’s career as an executive in a large financial services institution affords him the insight to help the individual organize his thoughts and energy into the business organization and planning process.

Mark, Credit Officer, Texas


Thanks for doing a great job for us on “Getting Things Done”.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much participation we had from my team.  They all seemed to be quite immersed in the book , and have applied a lot of what they’ve read and discussed.  Even my boss, who initially told me he didn’t have time for reading books, has taken this book to heart and is diligently applying the methods we learned. Thanks for providing me with a “good idea” and a few more points with the boss.

Eric, Construction Executive, Texas


When I took over the CEO’s position from my mentor, I was really nervous about whether or not I could handle the position and succeed at it.  After my first “coaching” session with Carl Jessen, I immediately had more confidence in myself and a strategy in going forward.  Mr. Jessen helped me identify the things I needed to consider and focus on those things which would help me succeed in my new position.  Before the coaching even began, he introduced me to a book which after I began reading I read with earnest and found to be a very helpful tool in managing people.  Carl Jessen, is without a doubt, one of the best investments my company made for me.

Reagan, Credit Executive, Texas